WHAT IS THE BUILDING AND PROPERTY LIKE?  Expanded in 1992 to create a new space for worship, Redeemer consists of an open feeling Sanctuary (Worship Area) a Narthex (Entry hall) a large fellowship hall (available for use for parties, meetings, etc.) a large Nursery/Youth Group room and a Preschool/Kindergarten/Daycare. Outside, we have a large fenced in playground, a new shelter house with electric, a fire pit, a large open field for games and a nature trail.

WHAT WILL EVERYONE BE WEARING?  At Redeemer you will find people dressed in jeans, suits, skirts, and dresses.  They will be wearing shorts, sneakers, dress shirts, ties, and everything in between.  It doesn’t matter what you wear – just that you’re here.

WHAT ABOUT KIDS?  We love having kids in worship. Each Sunday we offer a special part of the service just for them!  On your way in be sure to grab your Kid’s Bag from the usher.  It will have a few fun activities for kids to work on if they start to feel “Fidgety”.  If the ‘wiggles’ are too much to handle we offer a cry room with rocking chairs, and toys for toddlers.  Our Sunday School is fun and informal and kids learn age appropriate Bible based lessons and play in a Bell Choir.

WILL I BE ABLE TO FOLLOW THE SERVICE?  We print our entire service in the bulletin so that our visitors are able to easily follow along

HOW LONG WILL WORSHIP LAST?  Our worship service typically lasts an hour.

WHAT DO YOU TEACH AND PREACH?  We teach people about Jesus.  We try our best to put Him at the center of everything we do. We explore the Bible, and encourage each other to live out Christian faith.  Every week in our services, Sunday school, and Bible studies we present the Gospel – that’s the Good News that Jesus died and rose for you.  Jesus’ Gospel is the source of forgiveness for sin, relationship with God, and new life in time and eternity. 

 WHAT KIND OF “LUTHERANS” ARE YOU?  We are a member congregation of The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod (LCMS).  It’s the second largest Lutheran church body in the U.S. with 2.4 million believers.  We believe the Bible is God’s Word, inspired by the Holy Spirit.  We are thankful for God’s voice, guiding us in a confusing culture. We try to live out and speak out a biblical faith so people will know Jesus and believe in Him as their Savior.

WHAT ABOUT HOLY BAPTISM?  We believe that we’re all adopted into God’s family through Baptism, so we baptize infants and people of all ages without any charge. If you want to arrange a baptism, contact the church office to discuss any questions you may have.

WHAT ABOUT HOLY COMMUNION?  We believe that when someone partakes of Holy Communion, he or she receives Christ’s body and blood in the bread and wine for the forgiveness of their sins. If you are not a member of Redeemer, please speak to the pastor or an Elder about Holy Communion before communing for the first time

WHAT ABOUT A WEDDING?  We believe that when a man and woman are married in the church, they want a worship service in which God blesses the bride and groom. All couples who intend to be married at Redeemer meet with the pastor for the wedding details and to discuss their wedded life together.

WHAT ABOUT A FUNERAL? Pastor will conduct a Christian funeral for families who need the Good News of Jesus Christ in time of their sorrow. The church will also offer a hot dinner or lunch if the family wish. Please contact the church office for more information.

WHAT ABOUT RENTING A SPACE IN THE CHURCH?  Redeemer is happy to consider your requests for use of its facilities for various occasions. Please contact the church office for guidelines

WHERE SHOULD I PARK?  Redeemer has two parking areas. One directly in front of the church and parking with handicap spaces on the side of the church. Visitors are welcome to park in any of these parking areas

HOW DO YOU WORSHIP?  At Redeemer, the liturgy of the Christian Church and hymns provide the context for our worship of the Triune God by our receiving the forgiveness He offers in Word and Sacrament. Our use of the liturgy and hymns is in keeping with God’s Word and continuous with the Church of all times and places.  The liturgy is still “contemporary” today, and yet appropriately distinct from the world. We recognize that the liturgy and hymns can be unfamiliar to others, and we welcome the opportunity to help anyone come to appreciate and treasure them as we do. Redeemer utilizes the Lutheran Service Book (The Red Book) for our services.

Our main weekly services are at 10:15am each Sunday.  We call our worship service the “Divine Service”,  which includes a celebration of the Lord’s Supper.

BEFORE THE SERVICE – When you arrive, you will be greeted at the door and given a printed bulletin setting out details of that day’s service along with information about upcoming events.  When you sit down in the church itself, you should find some books near you in the pew.  These hymnals contain the songs we sing during the service.  We use the (red one) The Lutheran Service Book.  Sometimes the songs are printed in the bulletin.   Either way you will be directed along the way.

THE OPENING OF THE SERVICE – The service opens with the pastor entering the church and greeting the congregation and asking the congregation to greet each other in the name of Christ. This is then followed by the procession of the cross during the opening hymn (the congregation is asked to face the rear of the church and follow the cross on its procession to the front.  

OFFERING – During the Offertory, offering plates will be passed. This is an opportunity for our regular members to actively respond to all God has given them by freely offering their resources in support of his church. We certainly do not expect or require visitors to put anything in the offering plate, though you are welcome to do so if you choose.

THE SERVICE OF THE SACRAMENT – Eating and drinking the body and blood of Jesus is not something to be done lightly. For that reason, we ask that if you are not already a member of our congregation or of another congregation in the LCMS (Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod), you should please talk to the pastor before receiving the body and blood of Jesus in the Supper. If you are not taking Communion, you may come forward to the altar and cross your arms for a blessing or you may remain in your seat while others go forward.

END OF THE SERVICE, AND AFTER – During the final hymn the congregation is again asked to turn to follow the procession of the cross to the rear of the sanctuary.  Directly following the service we hold a fellowship hour where members and guests alike are encouraged to speak to one another while enjoying refreshments in the Narthex.